Our Story

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It's hard to imagine how Doan Nguyen's journey takes him from a rural village in Vietnam to deep in Oil Country Canada. He worked a fishing boat and found he had a knack for working the mechanics of the boat and also the cooking for the crew. He met his future wife, Canh, while fishing and stopping in Saigon. He crossed the Pacific like many Vietnamese at the time. Using his fishing boat, he was able to sail his friends and his wife away from the war torn country and seek sanctuary with Canadians and escape the communist.  

Arriving in Canada, the couple had a tough beginning. Lack of language and little resources didn't hamper their spirits though. Doan found his way as a carpenter and Canh as a seamstress. With enough money saved, experience with cooking and Selling 'banh u, a traditional Vietnamese Rice Cake stuffed with meat and wrapped in banana leaves, and countless hours perfecting their recipes, they took a leap and opened their first tradtional restaurant, Huong Que in Chinatown in 1988. This proved successful and allowed them to open a modern version of their Restaurant 5 years later. Doan's Vietnamese Restaurant was opened and the old Huong Que was passed down to family. With Doan running the front and Canh running the kitchen, this proved to be a winning combination and things took off again. Opportunity presented itself a Strathcona location was opened in 1996 and the Chinatown location was moved uptown to the Jasper Ave area in 2001.

Nearly 25 years later, Doan And Canh are still hands on in the business creating a place where families can come together to share delicious foods, laugh, and love. Doan's Vietnamese Restaurant has kept the family tradition alive. There are many generations working together to ensure that the same vision, tradition and standards are kept for many more years to come.

~Welcome to the family!

Got Pho?


"Got Pho?" is Edmonton's dragon boat team sponsored by Doan's Vietnamese Restaurant. The team has been active for 12 years and travel to different cities to compete such as Banff, Vancouver, Calgary and even San Francisco! The team consists almost entirely of the original paddlers with the fastest overall time in a festival at 2:05 - 500m. Got Pho? has won medals in different divisions and is fueled by pho!

IG: @gotpho_dragonboat

Our Team


The Doan's Team consists of friends and many generations of the Nguyen family. Each of us brings a passion for cooking to the business. Our team is close like a big family - We've created many memories together over the years, sharing a lot of laughs and are always bouncing ideas off each other on how to improve the business. Majority of the team has been with us since we first opened 30 years ago!